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Whats New In GenomeQuest 6.3

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What's new in GQ6.3

This document combines enhancements in 6.2 and 6.3, as 6.2 was largely a stabilization release with an additional workflow added.

Support for More NGS sequence types

  • Helicos support
  • Native support for all file formats from all commercial vendors



New Plugins

  • Extract query sequences from result databases
  • Extract subject sequences from result databases
  • Extract queries that did not hit to subject database


  • Refactored upload page
  • Usability improvements on the My GQ page.
    • Left panel tree reorganization.
    • Rearrangment on the right panel.
    • Added top menu for quick access to common operations.
  • Renamed workflows to more obvious names
  • Improved GQ Gene viewer to present immediate error message in case the target result database is too big to be browsed.
  • Added a "Save Work Space" feature for alignment results produced by workflows.


  • Extended Free Basic Account, providing 4 NRCs as starting credits.
  • Removed 20% limitations on premium workflows.


  • Improved array computing module to natively accept GQ Engine Collections (better performance)
  • Improved cluster data pusher module.
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