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What is GenomeQuest?

GenomeQuest is THE biological sequence data management platform for:

  • Analyzing data from next generation sequencing technologies.
  • Analyzing patent landscapes around sequences.

Contact Support

The best way to get specific answers to your questions is to send them by email to support@genomequest.com.

General Help

  • My GenomeQuest IP: Your home page on GenomeQuest for the IP version; it has all of your databases and results.
  • My GenomeQuest NGS: Your home page on GenomeQuest for the Next Generation Sequencing version of GenomeQuest; it has all of your databases and results.

Sequence Search Help

Workflow Help

The following NGS workflows are available in GenomeQuest.

Developer API

  • Overview: An overview of the different ways you can extend and integrate the GenomeQuest system
  • How do I...? Some key common tasks developers perform
  • System Concepts: A detailed look at GenomeQuest's system-level concepts
  • Reference Manual: The reference manual for our various APIs, when you want just the facts


  • The URL API: A powerful API for interacting with GenomeQuest data.

GenomeQuest Content

  • GenomeQuest Databases: Reference databases from the public domain available in GenomeQuest.
  • Collated databases: Databases collated and made searchable by GenomeQuest.
    • GQ-Pat: GenomeQuest's archive of sequences from patents.
    • DrugBank Pro: Database of drugs, drug targets and drug metabolizing enzymes developed in collaboration with the DrugBank group.
    • GQ Gene: GenomeQuest's database of genes collated from Entrez Gene, Genbank and RefSeq.
    • GENESEQ: Geneseq database of sequences in patents from Thomson-Reuters.
  • Your Databases: How to show your own databases in GenomeQuest. And why.
  • Sequence file formats: sequence database formats are used in GenomeQuest.

General Help

GenomeQuest Releases

These are the updates, modifications, and revisions made in each version of GenomeQuest:

  1. What's new in GenomeQuest 7.2?
  2. What's new in GenomeQuest 7.1?
  3. What's new in GenomeQuest 7.0?
  4. What's new in GenomeQuest 6.3?
  5. What's new in GenomeQuest 6.1?
  6. What's new in GenomeQuest 6.0?
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